Our measures against Covid-19. Detail


A Boutique Hotel on Wing of a Dovetail

Dear Guests,

As part of the new normals of our lives, we would like to share some changes we have made in our hotel.

Due to the fact that our buildings, which have a breathing structure, are stones, cleaning has always been our priority. Within the scope of COVID-19 measures, we end our cleaning with Ozone disinfection after routine cleaning of our rooms and make our rooms ready for you, our dear guests.

The life of our hotel (courtyard) is quite wide and you can enjoy it without any social distance concerns.

As long as you stay with the general boucle materials in your rooms, your specially packaged masks are available for your use.

We have alcohol based disinfectants in our general venues.

While working, our colleagues work with visors and masks, other than service.

Almost all of our rooms have independent entrance and you will not be in close contact with other guests.